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Arts, Culture and Media in the University of Groningen offers you an opportunity to study art in a multidisciplinary perspective. You will encounter professors from multiple fields who will share with you a diversity of ideas of what art is. You will be able to choose two art disciplines to focus during your Bachelor. Either you choose music, film, theater, literature or visual arts, you will fall in love with the studies of art. In three year, you will try to ask questions such as what is art, how is it produced, how is it used or is it consumed, does it have a social function, or we do art for the sake of art? During this inquiry, you can count on the Study Association IK to help you and provide you with different artistic encounters to embellish your studies.

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Your Summaries

Summary Database

When you become a member, you will receive access to our Summary Database. This is a Google Drive where students can share their summaries and study together. The summaries are not peer-reviewed. All of them contain the year they were written as every year the program can change. The Drive is to help you with your studies, to give you another perspective of what was discussed and to enable you to check your information in case you miss something. The secretary looks over this Drive, but the members have all the freedom to edit, share, download and look through it. You will be able to upload documents yourselves, but you can also send it to