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E.M.I. Night Auditions

Auditions for IK’s biggest music collaboration of the year with EPU and MESA are now open! ūüéł

All musicians in Groningen and beyond are welcome to perform at EMI Music Night on the 2nd of May. No genre limitations! This is your opportunity to enter Groningen’s music scene!

Previous years have proven EMI Music Night to be an extremely fun and successful event that both performers and the audience tremendously enjoyed.

The auditions are in an online format which means that as part of the sign-up process, we will expect a video of you/your band playing.

Interested? Scan the QR code to sign up and send us your audition tape by the 19th of March!

Good luck!

Music Committee of IK, EPU, & MESA

Our Association

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Study Association IK: IK stands for Instituutsvereniging Kunsten, Cultuur en Media¬†(Institute Society of Arts, Culture and Media). The Study Association emerged from the former SKAB√Č. By the time, SKAB√Č was the Study Association for the program Arts and Arts Policies in Groningen. The program changed into Arts, Culture and Media in September 2003. The students needed a new association that represented the recently founded program. It was, then, in the same year that IK began to act.¬†Mariia, Marjolein, Kris, Tjarda, Femmy, Youri and Martijn¬†together became the first board and, consequently, our founders.


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