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NNT visit

Last night we went to the performance of Fortune by Club Guy & Roni, Navdhara India Dance Theatre, and Slagwerk Den Haag, which was an unforgettable experience and we enjoyed it very much. Afterwards two of the dancers (Camilo and Urvil) were kind enough to spend time with us at a meet & greet which was deeply fascinating and insightful. Thank you  for organising this – we really appreciate it. We are really looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.

Media team

IK has opened up a new position!

Did you have an interest in the creative committees but were not ready to dedicate the time for it? Well, our new media team will help the association and other committees to document all the fun events (and possibly work on other creative projects!!)

Do you have experience in, or would like to develop your skills in photography, videography, editing or photoshop? This could be the position for you! Own equipment such as camera and editing software favourable, but not required.

How to apply – send your motivational letter to internal affairs Karma commissarinsintern@studieverenigingik.nl

Halloween borrel

On the 29th October was the long-awaited, costume-filled borrel. What an exciting way to celebrate Halloween and relax before the first term of exams. 

Held at our trusty venue Het Pakhuis, it is safe to say the party was a blast! We are always happy to see you again in a casual setting, hence why the Borrels are so enjoyable for us to organise. 

October is obviously halloween season, but we doubt that it is the end of themed borrels. What other themes would you like to see next? Send your suggestions in our contact forms and we will surely consider each idea. Until next time!

Committee reveal event

All the applications have been looked over, all the interviews conducted. Then it was finally time for the applicants to find out which committees they got into and meet their new teammates for the upcoming year. 

We hope you enjoyed the event and wish you the best of luck in your creative pursuits in the upcoming year 😉

gma 7th October

On the 7th October the 19th Board of IK has been installed! The 18th Board of IK has presented their yearly report and have been uninstalled, whereas the new Board presented their policy plan for the upcoming year. 

We want to thank everyone who came to the GMA to support both boards, and we wish to make the upcoming year as fun and exciting as possible filled with many opportunities and events for all the memebers!

First IK borrel of the year

With the first week of classes over, we begin to settle into the rhythm of studying. What better way to relax and unwind than to have a drink with the board and fellow IK members?

We will be re-introducing the borrel cards. Each time you visit you will collect a stamp – the person who collects the most will receive a gift from the board! Can you collect them all?

When? Friday 25/09 – 21:00

Where? Het Pakhuis

Hope to see you all there!

committee applications now open

Are you ready for a new year of committee events? By joining a committee you will gain more practical and hands-on experience or organising an event or activities as an extension to your theory-based ACM courses. Want to deepen your understanding and appreciation of a certain discipline? Or perhaps you would like to explore the other side of the arts you’ve never delved into before? Out of our 9 committees to choose from, you are sure to find something of interest; while gaining organisational and creative skills, as well as new friendship and networking opportunities.

How to sign up?

Send your CV and motivation letter to commissarisintern@studieverenigingik.nl with your top 2 committee choices!

Last IK borrel of the year

You read it right! We will be able to close off our year with a borrel! 
After a long year, we will finally meet physically. Of course regulations are still in place. So, our borrel will happen Thursday 17/06 from 19:00 to 22:00. Following the bar’s measures, we will be allowed 35 people in. So make sure you sign-up fast on IK’s Nestor page!

We are so excited to see everyone again! 🍻

When? Thursday 17/06
Where? Het Pakhuis

candidate board announcement

They are ready to be discovered. We will reveal who the next Board of IK will be on Tuesday 8/06 at 20:00. How will you follow this discovery? We will put a video presentation of our candidates on our socials. After that, we will be waiting for you to join our Google Meets session. There, you will be able to congratulate our candidates, ask them any questions or just say hi to us all. 

When? Tuesday 8/06 at 20:00
Where? Online 

Pub quiz

Do you want to get a brand new book to take your mind off this reality and deep into the words of another?
Come join us in our Pub Quiz organized by our Conference Committee!
We will gather on Thursday 27/05 at 19:00. This event will be hosted online on Blackboard Collaborate. The winner will get a nice book carefully chosen by our committee members. So, grab a drink, turn on your computer and join us for this fun night!

Film pRemiere

After much work and dedication, our Film Committee premiered their movie!
It is with much excitement that we announce their event happened on Friday 7th of May. We had the chance to watch together their work, discuss the results, ask questions about the artistic process and hear them talk about their beautiful project. The video is now available on YouTube so you can appreciate it as many time as you want.

“A Visit” is a story about loneliness, alienation, and longing. Two women meet in a desperate attempt to escape their lonely reality. 

Career webinar

We are so excited to announce to you our upcoming Career Webinar!
Our first speaker is Wouter van Ransbeek, the Creative Director at International Theater Amsterdam. He will be followed by Irida Zhonga, an award-winning animation director whose artistic expertise lies in the mixed media and stop motion animation. We will conclude with Yoni Collier who is a great sound designer, freelance producer, composer, and performer. 
Our career webinar is being organized together with Meader, the study association for art, architecture, and landscape. Later in the month, the committee is preparing an especial webinar dedicated to literature and visual arts. Information will be available soon. 
The event will be hosted via Zoom on Wednesday 5th of May from 17:00 to 19:00.  If you would like to have a peek, you are welcome to join us. All you have to do is signing up for the event in the link below!

Board recruitment

The applications for the board of IK 2021-2022 are open!
Being part of the board is the perfect opportunity to gain experience in the cultural field next to your studies. You will be able to shape many events and activities, meet some amazing people and put into practice all that you’ve been learning!

All you have to do is send your CV and motivation letter together with the positions for which you’d like to apply to info@studieverenigingik.nl before 23/04.
In the upcoming weeks, each of the board members will introduce you to their positions: Commissioner External Affairs, Commissioner Internal Affairs, Treasurer, Secretary and Chair. So keep a close eye on our social media!
Feel free to send us an email or message us with any questions you have.

video editing recruitment

A message from our Theatre Committee:

Are you good at editing videos? Do you want to help us create a magical evening? Then we’re looking for you!
The Theatre Committee is looking for people that want to help us edit our pre-recorded piece of our event that will take place on June 4th! The mains weeks for this will be between May 24th and June 4th. Are you interested in helping us? Please send an email to theatre@studieverenigingik.nl !
We hope to hear from you soon!

The IK Theatre Committee
Marieke, Jule and Leo


Art conference

Things are getting exiting now that the yearly Arts Conference is getting closer! The past months we have prepared a truly interesting conference on ‘Arts and money’.
We often underestimate the importance on having a conversation about the financial aspects of the arts world. That is why we would like to invite you to the conference on Arts and Money and dive into the financial world of art. We would love to share new insights with you and introduce you to new people. The program consists of speakers from multiple art disciplines, including music and visual arts. Our four speakers: Karlijn Profijt, Hans Abbing and Andreas Blühm.
As we are still living in uncertain times with COVID-19, curfews and social distancing, we are not able to invite all of you on location but we have made sure that the conference is accessible online for everyone, wherever you are! 
We hope to see you all on the 18th of March!

Warm greetings and stay safe,
Blanka, Lisa and Mette, Conference committee 20-21’

Film audition

A message from our Film Committee:

It’s 2021 and we are living through world history – our team wants to be part of it. We are making a short film, not only to gain experience but also to let our art speak to the world. Do you want to be part of the ride?

We are looking for a female actress to play a leading role in our film. If you’re interested, please send us a few words about yourself and a picture of you to film@studieverenigingik.nl. The auditions are opened until the 14th of February.

We can’t wait to hear from you!
– Valerie, Dennis and Julian.

monalisa, mona lisa, mask
Art Recreation Competition

We have officially begun our Art Recreation Competition!
You can recreate any paintings, sculptures, photographs, movie posters, memes, anything! Use all your creativity to build something original, funny and, obviously, purely artistic!
You have 2 weeks (until 19/02) to send your beautiful works. You can send us by email on info@studieverenigingik.nl
We need you to send the original piece with your recreation, because we may be art specialist, but we are not clairvoyantes.
After receiving all participant’s pictures, we will open up for the popular vote! The 3 first winners will be able to choose (by order of placement) between:

🔴 MUBI card for subscription
⚫ NITE hotel performance ticket
🔴 Vera performance ticket

It’s the official beginning of our competition and we are here, impatiently waiting the results of this creative test!

IK social game night

Another game night. It’s been a while since we gathered only to play some games. It is time to do it again. On a Thursday (11/02) evening, you feel like doing something other than watching another episode of that series? Join us to play Scribble! All you have to do is access our Discord platform and have fun. Of course, don’t forget to practice your drawing skills because we are all going to need them.

When? Thursday 11/02
What time? 19:00
Where? Online, join our discord 

backpack, book, travel bag
excursion sign up

Are you a travel enthusiast?
If the answer is “yes”, you might be interested in the excursion we organized!
We would like to offer you a 3 day trip to Rotterdam and The Hague, from 07.05 to 09.05, where we will get to explore the cities, and put our knowledge of arts and culture to a test. The excursion is mainly centered around exploring the arts – from the medieval to the contemporary period, with an emphasis on Dutch art. On the second day we will visit The Hague, where we will have an opportunity to see a dance performance in Korzo Theatre, and potentially get some valuable insights into what it’s like to be a performer.
If the plan sounds like fun to you, then fill out the Google Form (link below). There are only 20 places available, so they will be offered on a first come – first serves basis. We will send out a confirmation email with further information, so do not miss out on this opportunity!
We look forward to hearing from you,

The Excursion Committee of the Study Association IK 2021

Theatre auditions

Heyho everyone!

We (the IK theatre committee) are searching for actresses and actors, who want to participate in our upcoming play!

What? „A Midsummer Night‘s Dream“
When? The show is on the 14th of May
How? The auditions will be in beginning of February
With whom? Hopefully with you!

If you are interested in being a part of our team, just send us an email with some words about yourself and why you want to participate to:

…we are excited to meet you!
Marieke, Nataliya, Monique, Jule and Leo

quiz, test, answer
Ik social - pub quiz

One last game night before we go out on Holidays! IK will host its first online Pub quiz on Friday 18/12. You can join our discord and prepare your trivial knowledge. The winner will receive prize delivered by one of our board members! Don’t miss out on this night to laugh, socialize and put your knowledge into test with our members. 

Where? Online – Blackboard Collaborate
When? Friday 18/12 at 19:00

IK social - christmas

Holidays are a special time. IK could not end the year without a special edition of our social. This time, we will exchange gifts! If you feel like sharing some Christmas joy, you can sign up on Nestor to participate in our gift exchange social. All you have to do is buy someone something special (around 5 euros) and bring it on Thursday 10/12 to Oude Boteringestraat 18, room  174 some time around 14:30 and 17:00. We will also be waiting for you with some Christmas snacks! If you want to participate but cannot attend the social, send us an email and we will arrange everything. To accommodate everyone and respect the regulations, we have created 2 times slots for which you can sign up: from 14:30 to 15:45 and from 15:45 to 17:00.  Many of us go home at this time of the year, so don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate with your friends! 

Where? Oude Boteringestraat 18, room  174
When? Thursday 10/12 from 14:30. 

christmas, gifts, gift bag
Major decision event

In the second semester, our First-Years will start with the 2 art disciples of their choice that will accompany them throughout their ACM studies.
Struggling making a choice between the 5 art disciplines? To make your decision easier, we are hosting an informative event where professors will explain the disciplines and answer all your questions. The Major Decision Event will be hosted online and it will be the opportunity to confirm your choices or rip off hesitations.

Where? Online, link below
When? Monday 23/11 at 18:00

IK social - game night

Have you ever had a good laugh with your friends playing Cards Against Humanity?  We asked on Instagram and you said yes to an IK game night!  Here you go then: IK social game night, version Cards Against Humanity. Get ready to connect in our Discord survey to hang out, or just access the game. Let’s laugh a bit and joke about everything because what else is there to do? 

Where? Online – link to be announced 
When? Thursday 19/11 at 19:00

IK social #3

Our University has prepared rooms on the old Forum Library where study associations can meet! Of course that we embraced this opportunity. We already had a coffee time, with some hot beverages and snacks and we intend to repeat it. 
The room allows for 18 people to be together, sit in a safe distance and finally socialize. All we want is to answer your request for some social time. Come to have some cookies, to meet other people and to talk to your friends. Just don’t forget to bring your masks to walk in the building! 

Where? Oude Boteringestraat 18, room  174
When? Friday 13/11 at 14:30

Taste of the Art #3

The Eastern Neighbours Film Festival is the annual Film Festival that brings the best recent films from Eastern and Southeastern Europe to the Netherlands. This year the festival will take place from 4 – 15 November, for the first time online via film platform Picl: https://picl.nl/programmas/enff/Aside from the film screenings we also present a webinar: 


Online session with three remarkable female filmmakers from (South)Eastern Europe, moderated by Margje de Koning (Artistic director at Movies that Matter).
Antoneta Kastrati (Kosovo – film ZANA)
Dana Budisavljevic (Croatia – film THE DIARY OF DIANA B.)
Katalin Barsony (Hungary – film HOW FAR THE STARS)
All three films are based on true events. These power women discuss the use of cinema as a form of cultural memory. Can we use the art of filmmaking to shape the history of society?
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 889695 Join and tune in on November 12, 17.00h! The number of attendees is limited: first come, first served. 
IK social#2

Everybody needs a break sometimes. Before we enter an intense exam period, IK wants to invite you to a coffee break. Our University decided to provide rooms so we can meet in a Corona proof way. Thanks to this, we are going to be able to meet in person! We want to socialize, have a coffee and eat some snacks together. To respect the regulations and keep our distance, we can only host 18 people. All we want is to have a safe encounter to chat with our members.

You can consult the University website to know more about the rules. Please, follow their guidelines when coming to the IK social.

When? Friday 23/10 at 14:30
Oude Boteringestraat 18, room 174

Policy plan reveal

Our committees have been formed! During last week (12-17/10), the board was occupied training our dear committee members. Already with ideas in head, they launched their project. They now enter in a time of brain storming, meetings and discussions. We are all excited to discover what are their plans for this year. Every committee’s goal is to have their policy plan ready on 29/10, when the policy plan reveal will take place.

We wish them good luck and we are looking forward to see the results of this planning period. 

social media, personal, social networks
taste of the art #2

IK is here with another tip to have a taste of Groningen’s art world. This time the theme is the performance arts! Club Guy and Roni
is preparing this amazing deconstruction of the classic Swan Lake. Both online and offline, the performance explores the themes of escapism, crisis and making choices. Questioning our contemporary world, they want to engage with the audiences to create an experience together.
The offline performance in Groningen will take place from 21/10 to 23/10. You can watch the online performance from 20/10 until 6/12.

IK would like to thank Noord Nederkands Toneel that were incredibly kind to provided our members 14 tickets for the online performance (already full)!

Our tip: don’t miss the amazing opportunity to be part of this experience

Online version: From 20/10 to 6/12
Offline performance: 21/10 to 23/10 in Groningen.
stress relief session

Exams can be extremely stressful, and we all know that. But do you know how to cope with the stress and transform anxiety into productivity? At IK, we are ready to share all the tips we have when it comes to preparing for the exam period. From effective summaries to studying online, from organizing a schedule to finding ways to relax, we want to share whatever we can. Let us talk through this rough period.
As fellow students and study mentors, we are here to help you. We want to hear from you and your difficulties. We will be able to talk about your mental well-being and share experiences. We want you to be as prepared as possible for this first exam period of the year.

When? Tuesday 20/10 from 13:30 to 14:30.
Where? Online – click below

borrel #2

Our second borrel of the year is ahead of us. The success of the first one is your guarantee that this month will be a fun one!
As the doors of every bar close earlier, we adapted. Our borrel will start sooner. You can join us from 19:15 for a drink and even some snacks.

Please, be aware of the bar’s measures and regulations. The doors close at 22:00 and only 20 people are allowed inside. Please make sure to enroll on Nestor. Sign-ups close on the 16th at 15:00.

When? Friday, 16/10 at 19:15
Where? Het Pakhuis

Sustainability talk

What does it mean to be sustainable? How being vegan helps on being more sustainable? What can I do with my budget to be sustainable? How can I be sustainable/vegan while being a student? Why is it important that I am a sustainable person?
These are some questions that might have crossed your mind when thinking about sustainability. Giovanni Cristofoli and Marleen de Haan will problematize together with you on the topic and bring some little changes that can make a big difference. Giovanni is a chef who is concerned about sustainability in the kitchen. Marleen is a master student psychology who has been vegan for three years and used to be an activist for the matter. With them, you will get to know more about leading a sustainable life. They will give you tips on how to improve our daily life with simple changes. You will also be able to talk to them, ask questions, and debate about the topic.
At IK, we are trying to be a more sustainable association. This starts by talking, debating, wondering what we can do, even if it is a small part, to help. Are you doing your part as well?

When? Monday, 12/10 at 18:00
Where? Online – click below 


The 1st of October will be the day where one of our board says goodbye so another one can step on the stand. This year, our first GMA will take place online at 19:00. 
During this evening, the 17th board of IK will present their yearly report and be uninstalled. Then, the 18th board will be installed to present their policy plan.
All members are invited. You can hear what are the plans for this year as well as reflect upon what has been done last year. You are welcome to ask questions and give your input (even if it is by commenting on the chat, or turning on your microphone to speak!)

When? Thursday, 01/10 at 19:00
Where? In our Nestor page on a Blackboard Collaborate session. 

Committee application

Studying theory about art is great, but what about some practical, hands-on experience in the art field? What about a chance to actually do, make and create art? Committee work with IK only takes a few hours a week and will tremendously help you improve your organization and teamwork skills as well as provide you with insights on the professional artistic field we probably all want to be part of after our studies.
On the following days, we will post on our social media all about each committee. You can also find information about them here on our website. The applications will be opened from 14/09 until 28/09. To inform you the best way we can, we are going to have a talk about committees where you can ask all you questions on Monday 21st at 18:00 (information about location will come on the following days).
Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Franka on commissarisintern@studieverenigingik.nl or message us on Instagram or Facebook!

Taste of the art #1

As art lovers, we want to give you a taste of the art in Groningen. Our advice for this month is a tour in the galleries of the city. City Central is organizing together with Expoost a visit through the wide range of the visual art’s world. You will discover more about photography, film, painting, glass art, 3D design, installations, ceramic arts and everything that is being created in the art’s scenes of Groningen. The good news is that everybody is welcome to join as the tour will be completely in English! You can discover more about it here.

When? Saturday, 19/09 at 14:00
Meeting point? In front of the Politiebureau
How much? €6,20

IK social Biergarten Paradigm

“Tonight was fun, we should do this again sometime.”
On Friday 11/09, IK hosted its first IK social. For this first of many, we decided to go to Biergarten Paradigm. The staff was great and made everything they could to make us feel welcome. Instead of a simple big table, they prepared a cozy corner only for us. With candles, music and drinks, our members had a first night of the year to hang out and meet each other. Of course we also had some re-encounters after this very long summer. 
Already excited for the next one? Because we at IK can’t wait for it. 

introduction week​

We can’t gather in large groups, we can’t go out and dance, we can’t drink, yet we managed to plan an introduction week for our dear freshmen.
This year, they will have their introduction speech online. Another online activity will be a talk with City Central streamed on Instagram. If you also want to watch an introduction to Groningen and Dutch life, you are more then welcome to join the Instagram stream on Wednesday 2/09 at 11:30.
But an introduction week cannot just be online. That is why our freshmen will also be able to participate in a city tour, a visit to Stadsschouwburg, and a mentor lunch hosted at the University. Of course, the traditional freshmen guide will be distributed on the very first day.
Do you have anything you would like to say for our freshmen? Any word of advice? Send us a message and we will make sure to include your word in the freshmen guide.