A Doll’s House: ACT Committee

Dear theatre enthusiasts, skylarks, teapots, ducks, dolls and ACT supporters! We are thrilled to announce the start of the ticket sale of our very own rendition of “A Doll’s House” […]

Curtain Drop: Theatre Committee

The Theatre Committee is back with amazing news!! Our play “Curtain Drop” is finally coming to life. With a talented cast, each with their own alibis and motives we promise […]

June Borrel: Final Borrel

De Stokerij Poelestraat 27, 9711 PH Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
Get your shades, pull out that floral pattern shirt because it’s IK’s last Borrel! June’s borrel is a very bittersweet one for all of us, as it is the last […]

Crowded Mind premiere: Film Committee

Dear film enthusiasts, students, staff and Ikkies, As summer is slowly approaching, we would like you to dive into the world of our three main characters – Victor, Ella and […]
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