IK Halloween Borrel

On the 26th of October the IK board organised a Halloween Borrel for all IK-members and plus-ones. They refrained from holding it on the 31st of October, because just one day later was the first ever exam for the new first-years, who had just hatched from their eggs in September and started real life at RUG, finally. And yet, apparently a lot of them were ready to sacrifice their precious studying time to get dressed up and go to the IK borrel.

The former “Sorting Hat” (a normal witch hat with the voice of IK board member Sil behind a curtain –  but he will forever deny this) who had gifted the Committee Members with their respective positions, went completely off  the rails and found his new calling: deciding who should chug their drink next.

The (big) main  event was of course the costume competition. Creativity knew no bounds – nor did time and energy investment, for that matter. The winners were the two mushroom girls and the second place was filled by Edward Scissorhands. Finally, our own Secretary scored the third place with her friend as the mortal enemies Maleficent and Cinderella, who joined forces to dance to Britney Spears’ “Toxic”. 

Even though only the top three costumes were chosen, there were definitely some other honourable mentions. The first year student, who took his time to carefully build the IK Logo out of cardboard, unfortunately did not get a prize and therefore went on to instantly destroy his costume after the award ceremony. And of course: No student party would have been completed without a Walter White. Unfortunately (or fortunately), both the IK-Logo and Walter White are now forever memes. Immortality achieved! 

Someone even sacrificed partial breathing, as she stuck a bloody tampon up her nose to imitate Viola from the 2006 classic “She’s the Man”. Professor Utoniom had to endure some suffering as well, since the Powerpuff Girls decided to show up a few hours late and until that point he was – well, just a doctor. And of course, we have to mention the IK board dressing up as the Scooby-Doo gang! 

The night went on and the party slowly turned into a karaoke night, even a multilingual one! It was a fun mixture of actual words and absolute gibberish which no one could tell apart, really. It all got drowned in a swirl of laughter, screaming and the occasional right note and made for a perfect ending of a great night.

Written by the Publishing Committee