Career Webinar Review

The Career Committee hosted/organized a webinar that brought together career professionals for a series of discipline-related talks by art experts from various fieldworks (Music, Film, and Theatre). 5th of May 2020 (17:00-20:00)

The first speaker was a freelance producer and performer, Yoni Collier. Collier holds a BA in Popular and World Musics from Leeds University and an MSc in Sound Design from Leeds Metropolitan University. Collier is without a doubt a multi-talented and faceted person who was kind enough to give us students an insight into the world of the creative industries. He taught us about the importance of being patient as a freelancer and gaining as many experiences as possible. While emphasizing the amount of hard work it takes to succeed in the creative industries, he made sure not to lose hope. Collier is convinced that if we keep on being nice to people, start networking early on and say yes to opportunities; we can make it in this business. 

The second speaker was Irida Zhonga, an award-winning animation director whose artistic expertise lies in mixed media and stop motion animation—using hand-crafted techniques and inventive storytelling. She is based in London and Athens, where she works as a director creating commercials and branded content for Marks&Spencer, the Guardian, Nescafe, Kellogg’s, and many others. In her presentation, she showed inside scoop to her daily life and worked in the film industry. After finishing her degree in London, she followed in her father´s footsteps to become a director and producer. She did lots of commercial work at first, such as branded contact and advertisements for various companies. She also spoke about utilizing social media in her creative process and learning to advertise yourself.  The importance of networking, she said, “it is not easy to be a part of this world; it is competitive.” So always put your best foot forward. 

The final speaker of the event was Wouter van Ransbeek, the Creative Director at International Theater Amsterdam. Wouter’s principal role with the company for the last decade has been to raise its profile from nationally respected theatre to one of the leading companies in the world, with a year-round touring repertoire on five continents. Wouter revealed that he got involved with theatre quite late. He studied psychology and political science and did not come from a traditional theatre student background. As the creative director, he is involved in every step of the production. His psychological knowledge allows him to manage and navigate the group dynamics often in his work.  He more or less learned about theatre on his travels across Europe while visiting countless theatres and working as a programme assistant. Through the rich experiences he gained on his trips, his academic background, and his simply fantastic work ethic, he is a renowned person in the world of the creative industries. Wouter reassured us that it is possible to succeed in theatre, stay present, persistent, and not lose our curiosity. 

Congratulations to the Career Committee for organizing a wonderful and educational event.

Enjoy and all the best,

Publishing Committee

Written by Jemila Burbach and Nenritji Esther Suwa