Soup Night

On the 25th of November the committee event took place, which was dubbed ‘Soup Night’ in honour of the mythical soup Sil would be making. In true community spirit, all the board members helped Sil to make the soup in the kitchen of the ORKZ, which was captured in slightly cryptic pictures and sent in the groupchat for all committee members to see. People were excited – some scared – to try the soup. To set the mood, a round of Cards against Humanity and endless rounds of Uno seemed like just the thing to do! When more and more people showed up, tables were pushed together to make sure everyone could sit with the group.

Then, it was finally time to eat! Two big pans of soup were rolled in, with one of them being a vegetarian version, and the meatballs for the soup were served separately as apparently the huge pan was not big enough for them to be added as well. 

The most unexpected turn of events? Everyone was pleasantly surprised with how good the soup was and many went in for round two! When it was time to clean up, some of the committee members also jumped in to help. The night continued with some more games and eventually even houses were built with cards when people were done with the games themselves, with very focussed faces to behold.

Written by the Publishing Committtee