Networking Day


On the 3rd of March, the Career Committee had its first event at the Social Hub and a successful one, to say the least (the committee members were running back and forth to get more chairs because so many people came): the Networking Day! Six interesting, diverse, and very nice guests told the attendees about their careers. 

The first guest was Suzanne Rus, a regional curator at the Drents museum. People surprisingly had somewhat of a moment of realisation when they figured out that Suzanne was the one behind Chihuly’s exhibit at the Groninger Museum (check it out!). Then, there was a film analyst on YouTube and musician Spikima movies. He gave everyone very helpful advice about becoming a Youtuber which was basically just: don’t do it (kidding). He said you should only pursue this career if you are really passionate about what you want to do. Surprisingly, Savvy had a lot of questions about this but had his dreams brutally crushed by Dorian’s disbelief in him. Next up were three animation directors working for GOBELINS (check them out on YouTube!). Sasha Krechman, Kirill Blumenkrants, and Nicholas Olivieri entertained the listeners together in a lively exchange. The attendees also got to watch one project created by each of them: “Killing time” animated by Sasha, the official music video of “Feels” by BrainStorm animated by Kirill, and “Best friend” animated by Nicholas, but everyone’s attention increasingly turned to Mel’s quest to find a charging cable for her slowly dying laptop. Last but not least, Jenna Moreci, a bestselling author and Youtuber, was great to talk about her career as well. Even her dog graced us with their presence. Additionally, people were shocked to find out how successful you can be as a self-employed author.

We want to thank the Career Committee for the event. It was super fun and interesting, and it basically felt like one big group conversation. Thank you also to all the speakers – they are definitely worth checking out!

Written by the Publishing Committee