lustrum Information Page

Welcome to the IK’S 4th Lustrum! Study Association IK exists now for already 20 years! That means its time for the 4th Lustrum, and to celebrate this. We have organised an week of events! Below you will find all the information for the events and the widget to buy tickets!

Staff & Alumni

On the 10th of February we will hold a thank you party for Staff from the study Arts, Culture & Media and for the Alumni from the Study Association! The borrel will be held at Borrelcafe Oblomov (Poelestraat 11, 9711 PG Groningen) and will start at 19:30. The first part will be dedicated to the Staff & Alumni borrel and at 21:00 we will slowly transition into the opening party (more information below). This borrel is solely for Staff & Alumni and hence, we would like to request you to sign up by sending an email to:

Hope to see many of you there!


The 10th of February will be the start of Lustrum Week! We will start with a classic opening borrel. No ticket is required, you just have to show up and have fun! The borrel will be held at Borrelcafe Oblomov (Poelestraat 11, 9711 PG Groningen) and will start at 21:00. Hope to see you all there!


Wanna explore Rotterdam with Lustrum in collaboration with Ik’s Excursion Committee? The trip will be on the 11th of February, starting at 11am. In Rotterdam you will visit two events of the Rotterdam Art Week. You will then have the opportunity to roam around Rotterdam during free time/lunch. Additionally, you will be provided with dinner and two drinks of choice during our group dinner at Very Italian Rotterdam, after our second event. Both dinner and tickets to the events are included in the ticket price. You will get to Rotterdam by train which will not be included in the price, but you can get group tickets or travel for free with OV. We look forward to going to Rotterdam with you!

Boozy brunch

On the 12th of February, there will be a Boozy Brunch! The brunch will be held at Donna’s Social Club, a diner in the theme of 1960’s USA! This will also be the theme for the brunch. The brunch will be accompanied by access to cocktails and different food set on the table. The ticket will include the food but the drinks will be for your own account. When buying a ticket, remember to mention any dietary wishes and/or allergies, there are only a limited number of tickets available so be quick! The Boozy Brunch will start at 14:00!

Game night

A week of events does not exist without a game night. On the 13th of February! Taking the 80’s as our Game Night theme, you will enjoy board games, card games, interactive games and obviously with some 80’s music on. Come out for some friendly competition and get a chance to win a medal! There will be more games than you could ever name. 

The Game Night will take place at Lust, from 19:00 – 23:00!

Speak-easy valentine's day

A 1920s speakeasy-themed event on Tuesday (14th of February) will offer you a cosy evening in the Literary Café from 19:00 – 22:30!. There will be a chance to participate in a speed date activity throughout the night! Don’t feel like speed dating? Come and have a couple of drinks with your friends in a mellow atmosphere.


Event for those who like to learn a handcraft! There are two opportunities, both on the 15th of February: clay modelling followed by a history of the craft and drawing masterclass! So make sure to sign up for the event that interests you the most!

Big final outcome party!

Get ready to let out all that pent up energy after your only day of rest! We’re ending off the week with our Big Final Outcome Party! We’ve got three live music acts on stage for you this night, ranging from acoustic solo songs to alternative rock bangers, ending off the BFOP with a drum and bass DJ! Pull up to the Graanfabriek at 20.00 to see it all live! Check out the slides for more detes on the acts for the night! As ik members, you all get a small discount and early access to tickets as well! In one week, we will be opening ticket sales to the public! Bring ALL of your friends, bring your mom, bring your dog, bring EVERYONE, and end the week with a bang! (no dogs allowed at the graanfabriek)

Did one of these events got your interest? Buy a ticket via the button below! Tickets sale are now for IK-members only! But will later open for everyone!