Literary Event


Finally, after a long while, it was time for the first social hosted by the Publishing Committee! On the 11th of March, committee members met at the Literary Café the Graanrepubliek to get a little time off from studying. Around 19.00h the first people gradually started walking in, and before we knew it the table was packed with cups of tea and cookies.  Quite a lot of people signed up through the form, and (almost) everyone showed up (looking at you Savvy)! They could bring their books or have a look at the books at the café itself, but eventually there wasn’t a lot of reading, because everyone was too busy talking. 

The topics were (in true IK fashion) too varied to describe, but we’re sure everyone had a lot of fun. Ola even cancelled the movie she’d watch to stay longer, so that speaks for itself. After a while a couple of people went home, but a little group stayed until the idea of getting McDonald’s was brought to the table. A perfect midnight snack you might say. 

Overall, it was a great and cosy night (even though the only literary thing about it was the venue) and the Graanrepubliek were happy to welcome us back if we were to plan something else at the café. So who knows, maybe we’ll see next time!

Written by the Publishing Committee