Club Millenium 

It happened on the 17th of March… The music committee had accomplished what scientists could only dream about: Time Travel! The Club Millennium was the night that changed everything as everyone was transported back to the early 2000s. Unfortunately, to take part in this experience, the participants had to travel what felt like land and sea to get to the location (literally past sheep!) but an incredible amount of people still showed up.

The event started with fun musical acts performing Y2K music. The first one was Mira, who sang while being accompanied by Pierre on the guitar. Then, Artemis and Victoria rocked the stage. Next up was our beloved Suzie, with Pierre accompanying once again. To quote Igor: “They sang Taylor and Alicia Keys and everyone loves Taylor and Alicia Keys”. Following this was Guido rapping. Then, it was time for the music committee themself to show us what they got. With Savvy on the drums, Levi on the bass, Sam on the guitar, and Igor as the main vocalist, one could have almost mistaken them for a real band. Even though the members were on pins and needles during the soundcheck, their nerves vanished when they saw the cheering faces of their adoring IK fans.  Matteo and the rest of the trio fully felt the music after, inviting everyone to come up close to the stage. But don’t stand too close to the speakers, IK does not pay for hearing damage. 

Finally… the moment everyone had been waiting for… The Boardettes (the band of the IK board)! Max – who is not on the board but was invited to play anyways – on the drums, Zuzanna and Sil on the guitar, Julian on the bass, and Julia and Ben (to everyone’s surprise) on vocals: what more could you ask for? AND they played “Supermassive Black Hole” from the baseball scene from Twilight. Honestly, the only thing missing was the reenactment of that scene (if you know you know).

But the night is not over yet! It took an even more memorable turn when the 2000s Karaoke started! Suddenly there were non-members singing their hearts out to Zara Larsson, there was even an amazing rendition of “Tequila”, which showed enormous talent for remembering lyrics, and the board performed “Sexy Back”. Ben was singing… “Sexy Back”!!! Of course songs such as “Toxic”, “I Kissed a Girl”, and “Rolling in the Deep” were featured as well. It was a true scientific discovery that everyone was feeling their 2000s selves again! And who would’ve thought that art students would be the ones to make that kind of discovery (no offence)? Everyone was going crazy!

Now, the publishing committee feels obligated to document this groundbreaking step for humanity… with a publishing committee article on the IK website and tabloid and leaving it up to the authorities to find it themselves.


Written by the Publishing Committee