What about a chance to actually do, make and create art?

Studying theory about art is great, but what about some practical, hands-on experience in the art field?  Committee work with IK takes only a few hours a week and will tremendously help you improve your organization and teamwork skills as well as provide you with insight on the professional artistic field we probably all want to be a part of after our studies. If you are thinking of applying for one of our committees, here is some info on all of them and on how they will make your year as an ACM student that much more entertaining and motivating! Have a look:

Career Committee

The Career Committee organizes both a Networking Event and a Career Day where they organize meetings with important and field-relevant companies in order to give participating students insight about prospective job opportunities. During the Networking Event, which takes place in Groningen, the committee invites important speakers that will inform Arts, Culture and Media students about their future working field, as well as on networking skills and their importance in the professional world. During the Career Day, the committee will invite members to visit several cultural institutions and companies that could be considered as future workplaces. The participating members will get a clear view of possible job opportunities after studying Arts, Culture and Media. The Career Committee is a great way to expand your individual network, to create relationships with professionals of the field and to gain practical networking skills.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee organizes an Arts Conference consisting of different lectures and interactive workshops held by professionals of the art field, all in relation to the chosen theme. The Arts Conference will end with a Meet and Greet where Arts, Culture and Media students have the opportunity to discuss with the professional lecturers and, consequently, expand their network. The Conference Committee will bring you in contact with a lot of external parties and will help you gain practical knowledge in professional event organization.

Excursion Committee

The Excursion Committee is in charge of organizing the annual long weekend trip abroad. In the last couple of years we had awesome trips to Zagreb, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Scotland, Venice, Verona, Milan, Dublin and Krakow. In addition to the destination, the members of the committee are in charge of organizing all study-related activities, fun-related activities, means of travel and sleeping place. The Excursion Committee is a wonderful way to gain experience in organizing group events while satisfying your thirst for adventure and wanderlust.

Film Committee

The Film Committee writes, shoots, directs and produces a short film. It is also in charge of organizing the movie’s premiere night in May. The Film Committee provides you with an opportunity to materialize the knowledge you acquired/will acquire in your Arts, Culture and Media classes and gives you hands-on experience in the film creating business. It is a chance to make your creative voice heard and to work together with other film-passionate students on making your very own short movie come to life!

Music Committee

The Music Committee organizes an Open Mic where all Arts, Culture and Media students, but also any other musical talent they can find, have the possibility to perform a musical act. In addition to the organization of the Open Mic night, the committee has to hold auditions, find a venue and, if they might please, perform themselves as a committee-band or as individual artists. By being a part of the Music Committee you can satisfy your love for the music industry and put your knowledge and talent into practice. Through the creation of a musical event you will get more involved in the music scene, expand your network and increase your organization capabilities.

Museum Committee

The Museum Committee organizes a Museum Salon. This Salon can take every shape or form and the exhibited artefacts are totally up to the committee members. Being part of the Museum Committee, you will learn to communicate with, select, motivate and cooperate with artists whose work are going to be presented at the Salon. In addition, the Museum Committee provides you with the opportunity to get to know the visual art scene better, to get contacts within the field and build your event planning skills.

Party Committee

The party Committee is in charge of creating art students’ worth parties. The committee organizes two main events: the Midterms Party and the End of the Year Party. Other than being the life of the party, a Party committee member will gain practical knowledge in event planning, including getting in contact with venues and sponsors, creating a promotion plan and everything else around making sure their events are absolute successes.

Theatre Committee

The Theatre Committee is responsible for directing and producing a theatre play. The play can take a more traditional form or explore with a postmodern approach to theatre productions. The stage is theirs to take. The Theatre Committee is the perfect occasion to do a hands-on project that combines your love for creating and acting and the new or old set of skills the Arts, Culture and Media courses will give you. Through organizing the event, finding the venue and putting your creative mind to work, the Theatre Committee provides an opportunity to be active in the field, expand your network and add your very own theatre production to your CV.

Publishing Committee

The Publishing Committee is going to publish an online magazine/blog/newspaper at least two times during the academic year where they will publish articles about any theme or subject they decide upon: in November and February. The Publishing Committee will also be in charge of a Yearbook publication in May, where they round off the academic year 2020-2021 through pictures, articles, short stories and/or creative contributions of Arts, Culture and Media students. Furthermore, the Publishing Committee will document and report on other committees’ events in the Close-Ups. In other words, the Publishing Committee members will serve as both editors of their own material and as journalists or reporters for IK events. The Publishing Committee provides you with the opportunity to be creative and involved in the artistic and social life of the Arts, Culture and Media study. The committee gives you the chance to put into practice the many writing, reading and analyzing skills you will get from all the Arts, Culture and Media courses. Being in this committee will also enhance your social involvement in the university life and create artistic opportunities for you to share your work.